How to Play Poker Pursuit

Published: 06/08/2012
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Poker Pursuit is a version of online poker that is loosely based upon the traditional table game known as Five Card Stud. Instead of two cards to begin the game, the player starts with three cards, with the option to increase the initial wager on two occasions, before receiving the fourth and fifth cards.

A standard 52-card deck is used to play Poker Pursuit. The object is to obtain a high-ranking hand—at least a pair of 10s—in order to claim a prize at increasing odds. The game is not played against other players, nor is it played against the dealer. In this sense, it might be thought of as a type of “poker solitaire.”

Each hand of Poker Pursuit is conducted in three stages. Each stage reveals more information about the hand, which the player must use to determine whether the odds justify increasing the wager or keeping it at the current level.

At the first stage, the player selects the amount of the initial wager or “coin size.” Once this amount is selected, it will have an effect of subsequent betting, so care must be taken not to choose an amount that is too high or too low. Once the amount has been selected, clicking on the “Deal” button starts the game and three cards are dealt face up.

In the second stage, the player must make a decision to “Call” or “Raise” based upon an evaluation of the three cards and the possibility of obtaining a hand ranked at a pair of 10s or better. Clicking on “Call” will leave the initial bet unchanged; clicking on “Raise” will add one additional coin to the bet—an amount equal to the initial wager. Following this action, a fourth card is dealt face up.

Again, in the third stage, the player must evaluate the hand and decide whether to Call or Raise. Just as in the second stage, calling will leave the initial bet unchanged, while raising will increase the total wager by one coin. Immediately after this action, the fifth and final card is dealt. This completes the hand and the payout, if any, is made automatically.

How much is won depends upon the pay table used by the given casino. A typical configuration will pay 1-to-1 or even money on the total amount wagered for any hand that contains a pair of 10s or better. Bonus payments are awarded for higher ranked hands as follows: two pair pays 2-to-1, three-of-a-kind pays 3-to-1, a straight pays 5-to-1 and a flush pays 8-to-1.

Even greater bonuses are paid for the highest ranking hands. A full house is worth 11-to-1, four-of-a-kind pays 49-to-1 and a straight flush wins 199-to-1. The top-ranking poker hand is the royal flush, which is worth 999-to-1.

Again, these odds are paid against the total bet, so raising before receiving the fourth and fifth cards can greatly increase the amount won. That means making smart decisions on when to raise and when to call are the key to maximizing winnings and minimizing losses. If no card higher than a ten shows on the first three cards, it is generally a good strategy to call and look for improvement on the fourth card. However, a suited three-card hand or a run of three cards off suit may warrant a raise. And of course, any three-card hand containing a pair of 10s or better should be bet up to the maximum.

Published on: 06/08/2012

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