Betting using MoneyGram

Based in the United States, MoneyGram is a global money transfer service that allows consumers to send and receive money worldwide. It operates from Minneapolis, Minnesota, primarily through a network of third-party agents that use MoneyGram money transfer systems. From New York to Russia or London to India, and in more than 196 countries, MoneyGram is known for moving money quickly and easily.

The transfer channels that are available include person-to-person (also known as cash-to-cash), direct-to-account as well as through ATMs and kiosks for deposit. Also offered are cash-to-mobile phone and cash-to-card transfers.

The service known as MoneyGram Bill Payments allows urgent payments to be made, in addition to payment of routine bills, to participants in a network of creditors referred to as MoneyGram “billers.” Relationships are maintained with billers in key industries, such as credit cards, mortgage financing, auto finance, telecommunications and satellite television, among others. MoneyGram Bill Payment services also enable the loading and reloading of prepaid debit cards.

For consumers, businesses and financial institutions, MoneyGram provides a variety of payment products and services, such as traditional money order and official check services, as well as the latest in electronic bill payment and money transfer services. Some 69 gaming sites worldwide are affiliated with MoneyGram, such as Casino Titan, Sports Interaction, 123Bingo Online, WagerWeb and Jazz Sportsbook & Casino, to name a few.

Owing to the United States government’s crackdown on Internet gaming sites under the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006, MoneyGram has suspended the use of its services for deposits and withdrawals related directly to online gaming purposes. As a result, the MoneyGram service is available now primarily for the payment of affiliate earnings. A secondary use is as a fast method of reloading prepaid cards already associated with a gaming account.

Some exceptions do exist, however, thanks to “indirect” methods of interacting with gaming sites. A number of Internet gaming sites skirt the restrictions by designating an officer of the company as the MoneyGram recipient and sender. This person, as an individual, is free to receive funds and transmit them so that there is no direct connection to “online gaming purposes.”

One example is eToro, a Forex site using software licensed in Cyprus. To make a deposit via MoneyGram, in most cases the customer must visit an authorised MoneyGram office. In some countries, however, it may be possible to transfer funds online directly to eToro’s designated “receiver” in Limassol. The office or web site will issue an eight-digit Transaction Reference Number (TRN).

Certain information must be provided to eToro’s Customer Support department to complete the transfer, such as the customer’s full name, the amount of the transaction in U.S. Dollars, the city and country from which the money was sent and the TRN. In a short while, the trading account should be credited with funds.

Similarly, VivaroBet accepts deposits and withdrawals via MoneyGram by using one of two receivers based in Yerevan, Armenia. For realization of payment using the MoneyGram system, customers must first register on the VivaroBet site and receive a registration number. During the process of making a transfer, a variable fee will be levied in accordance with the amount involved.

The transfer can take up to three days, so to expedite remittance, notification should be sent to the VivaroBet head office, mentioning the unique code assigned to the money transfer. Other information required may include the customer’s name/surname, remittance sum, the receiver’s given name and surname. The minimum transfer amount is AMD20.000 or its equivalent in the currency of the originating country—about US$50.