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Published: 15/11/2018
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Given the age restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, anyone participating on Betfred must be aged 18 or over. This policy protects Betfred and its users. If Betfred has reason to believe that someone is less than 18 years of age, then Betfred may request further proof of identification.

Account Opening

At the time of account opening, Betfred will collect information it deems necessary to verify your age and identify. This ensures Betfred is doing its part to comply with the regulations set forth by the UK Gambling Act and the Gibraltar Gambling Act of 2005.

Verification methods are also used for the method of deposit to protect customers and Betfred from any form of financial fraud.

Age Verification Issues

If Betfred is concerned about the verification of the age of a member, then more information and documentation will be requested. Typically, a passport is best as it details your name, address, birthdate, and photograph.

If Betfred requests further information, a form will need to be filled out that includes your full name, account email, and username. A copy of your passport will then be uploaded along with the form. The copy should be legible, in color, and have all the pertinent demographic details available.

If Age Verification Fails or is Incomplete

Betfred offers a 72-hour grace period for users to verify their age. If the 72-hour period expires without verification, the associated account will be frozen. This means that the user cannot gamble on the site. If the player turns out to be under the age of 18, all wagered stakes will be returned to the deposit method and any winnings will not be forfeited.

Other Reasons for Verification

Betfred takes the prevention of money laundering and fraud seriously. To that end, Betfred does its due diligence to ensure it is confident in the verification process. If Betfred requests further documentation of a deposit account or the account holder, rest assured it does so for the safety of all users.

As always, the Betfred customer support team is available to answer any questions about verification or holds on the user verification status.

Published on: 15/11/2018

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