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Published: 14/11/2018
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Logging into your Ladbrokes account could not be easier. Simply find the fields for your username and password, enter the appropriate information, and select “Log-In”. With one simple log-in, you will be able to access all the different areas on the Ladbrokes site.

What if I Forget My Log-In?

It is not unheard of to completely forget your password, or even your username if you haven`t used you account in a while. Ladbrokes provides an easy mathod to ensure you can retrieve the missing information and get backing to gaming.

First, choose “Forgotten Log-In Details” located underneath the fields for your username and password. From there, you will let Ladbrokes know if you forgot your username or your password.

For those that have misplaced their username, Ladbrokes will request you provide the email address that is attached to your registration. Ladbrokes will then email you the username in a few minutes. If, for some reason, you cannot identify the appropriate email address, then you can email or call Ladbrokes directly.

If you have forgotten your password, select “Forgotten Password”. Ladbrokes will request that you enter your username, email address attached to your account, and your birthdate. If you provide the correct information, Ladbrokes will issue a temporary password and send it to your email address. If you cannot identify the appropriate information, you can email or call Ladbrokes directly.

If you do not receive an email from Ladbrokes it is recommeded to also check the spam folder in your email. Certain free email providers may automatically direct Ladbrokes emails to spam, until you whitelist them.

Why is My Ladbrokes Account Locked?

There are multiple ways to inadvertently lock your account and some reasons your account may have been locked intentionally.

• Incorrect log-in entered three times. Your account will be locked for security purposes.
• Age verification issues
• General security issues
• Multiple accounts for one user
• Geographic restrictions
• Self-exclusion or self-account closure

Can My Ladbrokes Account be Unlocked?

Of course, it can. However, you must reach out to the Ladbrokes customer support group by telephone. If everything checks out, then the customer support team will provide a temporary password that you must change after your next log-in.

Published on: 14/11/2018

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