Ladbrokes Widthdrawal Process

Published: 14/11/2018
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If you are lucky enough, you will need to process a withdrawal from Ladbrokes at some point. Fortunately, this is an easy process that only requires a few steps. If you prefer human contact, you can visit a Ladbrokes shop in person. Otherwise, you are welcome to withdraw your funds online.

Funds can be returned to a credit card (MC or Visa), debit card (Visa), e-Wallet platform, or via a bank transfer. So how do you request a withdrawal?

Requesting a Withdrawal from Ladbrokes Online

The withdrawal screen can be accessed at the “My Account” section of the Ladbrokes site. Select “Withdraw” and enter the amount you wish you receive. Of note, there is a minimum amount of £10 and a maximum does apply in most cases. Ladbrokes will also prompt you to select a method of withdrawal.

Withdrawal Delays

While Ladbrokes strives to ensure the withdrawal process is seamless and convenient, there are times when delays are inevitable. If you have not received your funds within ten business days, you shuold contact the Ladbrokes customer support group immediately.

If you have not received your withdrawal in a timely fashion, there is usually a reasonable explanation. Often, delays are caused by verification issues. In some cases, bonus prerequisites were not met.

Delays Due to Verification Issues

If Ladbrokes has held your account for verification reasons, they are typically waiting for you to provide some form of documentation. Often, this documentation includes a copy of a credit card, photo identification, or billing document.

Making a Withdrawal at a Ladbrokes Shop

Some Ladbrokes bettors prefer to do business in person. This is reasonable, and Ladbrokes offers shops for clients who enjoy human interaction over digital contact. If you are new to Ladbrokes shops, your first withdrawal will require a photo identification. Otherwise, your Ladbrokes username, password, account number, and banking card are all that will be required.

Those withdrawing in person are subject to a withdrawal limit of £5,000 per day. The minimum withdrawal in a Ladbrokes shop is £5. If you intend on requesting over £500, you may want to call ahead to the Ladbrokes shop to ensure the funds are available. If you did not deposit using cash or debit card, your withdrawal must be made to your original method of deposit.

Published on: 14/11/2018

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