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Published: 14/11/2018
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Age and identity verification are required as part of most gambling laws. This type of legislation to ensure Ladbrokes keeps operating legally.

Ladbrokes uses a third-party processor to accomplish age and identity verifications. They ensure their clients that the verification processor is safe for use and protects all data that Ladbrokes sends.

In most cases, the third-party verifier can take care of the process digitally. However, there are instances where Ladbrokes will require physical documentation of identity.

Why Would Ladbrokes Request Physical Documentation?

There is an array of reasons that Ladbrokes asks for further documentation of identity. All of them are for the security of the user and any inconvenience is for the safety and security of the client.

• Ladbrokes asks for identification when processing the first withdrawal request.
• Fraud prevention
• Poker restrictions based on geographic regions
• Ladbrokes will verify identity with physical documentation if a payment method is in question or a payment method requests it.
• Verification of bonus entitlement.

Identification Requested by Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes does not require the original form of identification, it simply requests copies. The copies should be legible and clear. Ladbrokes may request one or more of the following:

• A passport (copies should include photo and opposite page)
• A driver’s licence
• A government issued ID

Documents to Prove Your Address

For the safety of its clients, Ladbrokes will often ask for a proof of address. The following documents are acceptable for this requirement:

• A driver’s licence
• A bank statement
• A letter from the tax office
• A utility bill
• A lease

All copies should be in color and clear. If a photograph is taken, it should be taken with the document on a flat surface. The photograph should also be in color.

Further Verification Methods

In rare cases, Ladbrokes will request additional verification beyond what has already been discussed. At times, clients are requested to send a photograph holding the identification or a photograph of the bank card used to open the Ladbrokes account.

Ladbrokes offers a secure portal to send all documentation and clients should be comforted knowing their information is being collected in a safe manner.

Published on: 14/11/2018

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