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Published: 11/11/2018
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As one of the most popular card games worldwide, Blackjack can be found in physical casinos and on online betting platforms everywhere. A variety of Blackjack games are available on Bet365, including the traditional form.

Here, we will examine the different Blackjack offerings on Bet365 and what each style has to offer.

Blackjack (Traditional or Classic Format)

Blackjack is a casino favorite as it is quite easy to learn. When adding your cards together, if they are closer to 21 than the total of the cards in front of the dealer, you get paid double your bet. On Bet365, if you land on Blackjack (one Ace and one ten) you get a 3:2 payment.

Bet365 allows players to bet one hand at a time or up to five hands in one deal. Other standard betting rules, like standing (staying with your cards), doubling (add another of your initial bet for only one more card), or splitting (two of the same value cards showing means you can split your hand and play two separate hands).

Bet365 also offers the insurance bet – paying 2:1 if the dealer shows a first card ace and then accrues a Blackjack. At Bet365, the dealer stands at 17 and cannot stand prior to drawing at least 16.

Blackjack Surrender

This game plays by the rules of standard Blackjack. However, it offers the option to surrender your hand and receive half your original stake back once the dealer has checked for Blackjack.

Premium Blackjack

Premium Blackjack is great for thrill seekers as it adds much excitement to the traditional version of Blackjack. Using six decks of cards, players still aim to get closer to 21 than the dealer can. There are two distinct side bets offered in this game.

21+3: The 21+3 bet evaluates your first two cards and the first card of the dealer. It pays out a variety of odds based on the “hand” shown. Three-of-a-kind nets the bettor 100:1 payment, a straight flush results in 40:1, a straight finishes at 10:1 payment, and a flush pays 5:1.

Perfect Pairs: This side bet evaluates your first two cards or the first two cards of the dealer. A perfect pair is two of the same exact card (six decks are used, making this possible). This win pays 25:1. A coloured pair is two of the same card and color (five of diamonds and five of hearts would qualify). Winners of this side bet earn 12:1. This side bet also pays on a red or black pair, with a pair from each color (five of diamonds and five of spades). The payout for this win is 6:1.

Live Casino Blackjack

The Bet365 Live Casino offers a variety of Blackjack games featuring live dealers. These games include Grand Blackjack, Royale Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, Pegasus Blackjack, and Amber Blackjack.

Published on: 11/11/2018

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