Bet365 Widthdrawal Process

Published: 11/11/2018
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The whole point of online betting is to win, right? Thus, it might be important to Bet365 users to know that funds can be withdrawn with a simple process. If depositing into your account is made easy, so too should taking funds out be.

Withdrawing Funds

Getting money out of your Bet365 account is simple. Simply accessing your “Services” page and then the “Withdraw” section allows you to process withdrawals. Typically, all funds withdrawn are sent to the source of the original deposit.

Fees for Withdrawals

In most cases, withdrawals from Bet365 are free of any fees. Some wire transfers may incur a fee due to the complexity and inherent charges of such a transaction. If fees do apply, users are notified prior to withdrawing the funds. Fees are deducted at the time of the withdrawal.

Withdrawal Timeline

Some users are concerned about the time it takes to receive the funds after requesting a withdrawal. The timeline is dependent upon the payment method. Online money portals like Paypal or Neteller take about a day, on average. Banking institutions like credit or debit cards can take a few business days. For further information, view the Bet365 “Help Page”.

Methods of Withdrawal

The withdrawal is typically credited to the same payment method used to deposit funds. As such, withdrawals can be made to any method available for deposit including credit cards, Paypal, Neteller, wire transfers, and more.

Things to Watch For

Bet365 offers seamless service and strives to provide a withdrawal process free of issues. However, there are some things to keep in mind when making withdrawals from your Bet365 account.

Always ensure your method of payment is up to date. An expired credit card, for example, can lead to delays in returning funds to you. Payment details can always be updated via the “Services” section of the Bet365 site.

If you should encounter any other issues, contact Bet365 immediately via Live Chat or telephone. A customer support agent will help resolve any issues delaying your withdrawal.

Remember, withdrawals are typically credited to the original form of deposit. If this is an issue, Bet365 typically will wire transfer funds at your request. This ensures the safety and security of your funds.

Published on: 11/11/2018

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