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Published: 10/11/2018
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Bet365 has grown at an increasing pace and has become quite popular via advertising on multiple forms of media throughout the globe. Even those that would consider themselves new to gambling claim familiarity with the Bet365 brand.

The rising popularity should encourage those considering betting, either to dabble or invest significant funds, to join Bet365.

Bet365 offers a variety of offerings to users. Great pricing and quality betting odds have drawn rave reviews and positive attention to the brand. Founded by the Coates family, known for their ownership of the Stoke City football club, Bet365 operates under a licence located in Gibraltar. Bet365 boasts a count of over 20 million users worldwide and a massive reach.

Bet365 offers access in many nations including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and many more. While Bet365 is accessible in many places, it is best for those interested in joining to check the local legislation regarding online betting.

Laws are constantly changing when it comes to gambling and have changed rapidly regarding online betting. It appears that many regions and nations are making online gambling laws clearer, but it is still best to verify what is legal in your area. Many people risk large amounts of money despite restrictions however, this is not advisable.

Bet365 Signup

Joining in on the fun could not be any simpler. Access the Bet365 website and find the sports area. At the upper right-hand corner of the page, a link to “Join Now” is available. This link delivers you to a form to register. Depending on where you live, the form will ask for different information. Other confirmations include your age and standard terms and conditions acknowledgment.

There are often signup bonuses or discounts available for Bet365. If you have one, enter it during the “Join Now” process. Once you are finished, you will be prompted to make a deposit. It is up to you when you would like to add money to your account. Depending on where you live, deposits and withdrawals have different regulations.

Getting Verified

Security is paramount for Bet365, so a verification process is in place to ensure the protection of your information and against any illegal activities. Verifying is a simple process that often involves providing Bet365 documentation of your identity.

Be prepared to provide documentation including a passport, government-issued ID, or certain utility bills. Seek the “Know Your Customer” section of the Bet365 site for further details.

After you have been verified, you can access the entirety of the site and add or withdraw funds at will (depending on local restrictions).

Published on: 10/11/2018

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