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Published: 11/11/2018
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As in brick and mortar casinos, Bet365 offers a VIP structure for poker players. The Bet365 Poker VIP scheme awards merit points to players taking part in real money poker tournaments and cash tables. Points accumulate and can be redeemed for cash bonuses.

Bet365 Poker VIP scheme players can check merit point balances at the “My Account” portion of the Bet365 site. The balance is also shown during cash games in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Earning “Merit Points”

Merit Points can be earned while playing at cash tables or during tournaments. Points are awarded in cash games based on funds contributed to the rake. For tournaments, points earnings are tabulated based on entry fees. 15 points per pound spent are awarded to poker players.

There are no limits to point earnings in tournaments. Cash players are limited by the rake limit.


All players start at the bronze level after earning an initial merit point. After three months in the VIP program, players are eligible for promotion. Players must maintain a level for three months to be eligible for the rewards offered to that level. In order to reach each level, players must accrue the following points.

Bronze Level: 1 point
Silver Level: 1,000 points
Gold Level: 10,000 points
Platinum Level: 25,000 points

VIP Rewards

The table below outlines a sampling of the reward structure for the program. To claim an award, players must have been at the respective level for three months.

VIP Rewards Structure

Merit Points Reward € Three Months at Level
6,000 40 Bronze
16,000 120 Silver
40,000 500 Silver
80,000 1,100 Gold
155,000 2,750 Gold
300,000 6,000 Platinum
560,000 14,000 Platinum

For those who reach the Platinum VIP level, a further reward structure is available called Loyalty Rewards. Many other events offer rewards specific to the event.

Other Information

The VIP scheme can be enjoyed by any Bet365 Poker player. Simply earn Merit Points by playing in cash games and tournaments. Your new level becomes active at the beginning of the month following the month points were earned in.

Players wishing to access rewards and bonuses should proceed to the “Get Your Rewards” portion of the Bet365 site. VIP rewards are credited to account balances within 48 hours of requesting them.

Published on: 11/11/2018

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