Bet365 Verification Process

Published: 10/11/2018
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With the recent onslaught of identity theft and malicious online attacks, Bet365 takes security quite seriously. Prior to attempting any account withdrawals, you will be required to verify your account. This is for your protection and is certainly worth the small amount of time it takes to confirm you are the registered user.

The Verification System

Bet365 utilizes a two-part identification process to verify your account. To reach the verification information, sign into your account and access the “Services” section. Go to your account and then select the “Know Your Customer” option.

The Verification Process

Bet365 does require official documentation be uploaded to their system for verification purposes. The required documents can be uploaded via the website. Typically, these documents are reviewed within a couple of days and you will be notified at your registered email address.

Some customers have stated they had difficulty uploading digital copies of the required documentation. In these cases, Bet365 allows customers to take a picture or scan copies and send them directly to the customer verification agents via email. Include your username and four-digit PIN in the email and ensure legibility before sending the documents.

What types of documents are required? Often, Bet365 requires a valid Driver’s Licence or passport. At times, Bet365 will request other identifying documents like a financial statement or utility bill. An alternative to these is the verification by mail option, however, it does take significantly longer to process this way.

Verification requirements do change and will vary depending on which country you live in.

After sending in all the appropriate documentation and receiving a verification email, you are eligible to withdraw funds from your Bet365 account.

The Importance of Verifying Accounts

Customers are often taking aback by the seemingly intrusive requirements of verifying their account. Taking a step back can reveal the true importance of this process. There is an array of illegal activities that can occur when exchanging money for the purposes of gambling so Bet365 does all it can to ensure customer safety.

As you work through the few steps to verify yourself and your account, keep in mind that is all with your best interest in mind. Following this protocol ensures the safety of all Bet365 customers and an enjoyable experience for everyone.

A Commitment to Privacy

Bet365 understands the gravity of protecting user information, including demographics and financial details. Bet365 is committed to adhering to legislation and its own protocol to instill confidence in its customers. For further resources, visit the Privacy Policy page on the Bet365 site.

Published on: 10/11/2018

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