Betting in Australia

Australia arguably boasts one of the biggest betting industry’s on the planet both in terms of casino and sportsbook.

Indeed, the current state of gambling in Australia in terms of quantities and stakes is causing a large degree of concern amongst authorities and politicians.

In 2007, Australia gained the world record for the highest percentage of gamblers in ratio to total adult population, with an estimated 80% of people estimated to gamble on a regular basis – many of which consistently enough to record gambling expenses amongst other essential weekly outgoings.

Many analysts are unsure as to just what has gripped the nation so much in comparison to others from a betting perspective, although Australia’s illustrious sporting profile and gaming facilities could well go some way to deducing why gambling has become such a prominent culture.

The Australian betting industry offers a range of various sportsbooks equal in number to the UK, whilst foreign companies are also easily accessible.

Bets on both codes of rugby are extremely popular within the country, especially the NRL and Super 14 events and matches which offer points spread opportunities and in play betting on a consistent basis.

However, no other sporting event comes close to the Melbourne Cup in terms of generating betting interest – not just in Australia but also around the world.

The Grade One Handicap horse race at Flemington Park is renowned as the ‘race which brings Australia to a standstill’ and year after year it comes and goes alongside a wave of wagers.

The race is undoubtedly where the Australian Tote makes a large portion of its profits, especially as Aussie Tote prices are also available to backers in different countries should they chose not to take industry SP.

Casino culture has also experienced a mesmeric uplift since the mid-nineties, with more and more state of the art gambling facilities being opened all the time.

The Star City complex in Sydney leads the way for the casino and gaming industry, with a mega complex which draws punters from all across the country, as well as travellers from abroad.

Right down to the ultra-addictive ‘pokie’ machines in Australian pubs and clubs, gambling really is a part of Australian life. The Australasian Gaming Council overseas all things gambling in the country and promotes a series of motto’s to deliver their primary objectives as an organisation.

Their main statement explains their intentions to promote responsible gambling and high quality gambling research - and the organisation will almost definitely be a major player amongst the current political happenings.

Whether or not current fears in Australia are being blown out of proportion, the politicians have certainly issued a strong degree of intent, with campaigns being launched to restrict the quantity of stakes per individual and also the amount of money which can be withdrawn from ATM machines in certain betting establishments.

Australia has benefitted massively from the betting industry with regards to its economy, however only time will tell whether or not the social issues which have arisen ultimately serve as a severe penalty in exchange.