Betting in Peru

As the third-largest country in South America, the Republic of Peru is about three times the size of California. Facing the Pacific Ocean to the west, it borders Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. Spanish is the country’s principal language, its population is just under 30 million, and the local currency is the Nuevo Sol.

The ancient Incan Empire once covered this region, but it fell to Spanish rule as conquistadors arrived between 1533 and 1542. Independence was not regained until 1821. Territorial disputes occurred frequently over the next century and a half, leading to military rule from 1968 to 1980 and instability that lasted into the 1990s.

A new Constitution was enacted in 1993, but it was not until 1998 that the current national boundaries were agreed upon with all of Peru’s neighbours. Peru is now a constitutional republic led by President Ollanta Moisés Humala Tasso, elected in 2011.

Of all the countries in South America, only Argentina has more gambling activity within its borders than Peru. One of the oldest continuing forms of betting is on horse races. The Hipódromo de Monterrico opened in Lima, Peru in 1960. Featuring both dirt and grass surfaces for racing, the track is open on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 2pm until 6pm. A modern racebook with pari-mutuel wagering is located on the premises.

The first state lottery, Peru La Tinka, began in 1994 under the auspices of Introlot de Peru. On average, the lottery delivers eight or nine big winners a year. In 2009, however, a new competitor was introduced, as a 20-year license was granted to Corporacion Galena to launch mobile lotto for Peru’s estimated nine million cell phone users.

Casinos have proliferated in Peru, especially since the turn of the new millennium. No fewer than 60 bricks and mortar gaming halls have been set up under state license. The capital city of Lima is home to half a dozen of them, including such familiar names as the Flamingo, the Luxor and the Aladino.

The Centro de Entretenimiento y Convenciones Atlantic City is one of the largest of all the country’s casinos, with a gaming area covering 30,000 square feet. It features some 1,000 gaming machines and 54 table and poker games, along with three restaurants. Action is available 24 hours a day.

Sports betting facilities and bingo halls can also be found throughout Peru, and for the most part they are legally licensed now. It has only been during the last few years that the Peruvian gambling industry became organized and regulated, but it is rapidly catching up as indicated by a recent law that made online wagering possible.

In early 2008, Betsson was granted the very first Peruvian online casino license. Since then, more have been issued, including two locally developed operations—Casino Peru owned by Doleplex Holdings with Spanish- and English-language sites as well as Super USA Casino, which is also a sportsbook.

The Peruvian government has made no restrictions on online gambling for Peruvian citizens who choose to play on foreign sites. Currently, some 458 sportsbooks based outside the country offer access to wagering markets for customers with addresses in Peru. Of those, 91 have web sites in the Spanish language.

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, numerous options are readily available, from credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards to popular e-wallet services, such as Click2Pay, Moneybookers and Entropay.

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